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Thank you for your support in preparing your children for testing throughout the year. There are several different kinds of tests with different outcomes.
We have our big, State mandated tests required of students in grade 3, 4 & 5 to make sure that students are making progress.
There are also quarterly tests called STAR in reading and math for all grades to help students get correctly placed in reading and math groups and classes. In addition, your child's teachers will probably do a multitude of small formative assessments to make sure students have mastered a recently learned concept.
Are some tests more important than others? Yes and no. These last two years, the HSA (Hawaii State Assessment) has been the biggie the the strictest testing protocol and the most emphasis on scoring as high as possible. However, we don't want to see students being tested unnecessarily and hope that every test they take, big or small fulfills a valid need for data collection. We hope that students and staff will treat every test as important and always strive to do their best.
Smarter Balanced
Our high-stakes test is called the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Like the HSA, the SBA will be given to student in grades 3, 4 & 5 in Reading and Math. This test will be giving only once and late in the school year. It was pilot tested by a group of schools state wide in this last school year.
In addition, fourth graders will continue to take the same HSA test in Science with three attempts allowed.
A practice test is available from Smarter Balanced for students to become familiar with the testing procedure. Click here for the practice test.